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Roaming Billboard

Do you want more exposure for your business?​
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Picture YOUR brand on OUR vehicles, delivering products throughout the Mahoning Valley and surrounding areas.

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Advertise locally without lifting a finger!
Why use Roaming Billboard?
  • Nearly unlimited exposure around town

  • Hard to miss, eye-catching graphics

  • Consumer-Friendly advertising

  • Easy to change for events and specials

  • Cost effective advertising

  • Gain local customers

  • Active advertising

Perfect for
  • Contractors

  • Small businesses

  • Car dealers

  • Restaurants

  • Politicians

  • Special Events

Flyer Views Screenshot.png

Sides of vehicle, rear section. 2 per vehicle

Approx. 24"x36" area


Back of vehicle with window, front half of sides

Window approx. 17"x54" with spot on tailgate


Logo on hood with name above windshield

Estimated 36"x36"

Flyer Price Grid Screenshot.png

Prices per month subject to change based on graphic coverage and art set-up. Graphic placement subject to availability.

Contact us today for a free quote.

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